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Who We Are
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100% Black Angus Beef
Under Black Herd label, we raise our own Black Angus Cattle taking care of every step of the way. We not only pick our own embryos and bulls after studying their whole lineage, but also select state-of-the-art facilities to operate under the strictest requirements of food safety while contributing to lower carbon emissions during breeding, processing, and distribution.
Black Angus Cattle raised by Black Herd grow with no hormones ever, no antibiotics ever, and during feedlot our animals consume NON-GMO grains. Our steers are gestated by cows that pass the first round of pregnancy, which has been proven to deliver stronger, healthier, and sturdier cattle that graze 16/17 months from grasses and legume pastures and are grain-finished for 4/5 months.

We evaluate the whole rodeo to differentiate heritable qualities of a 100% pure pedigree rodeo, which are animals whose pure traceability can be proved through paternity DNA. The result is completely reliable information that allows us to select the animals with the best pedigree and keep improving their differential characteristics year after year. Our priority is to make sure we never stop improving the quality of our cattle and maintaining it as time goes by with the highest standards of sturdiness, and optimum levels of fat and marbling looking forward to breeding award-winning Black Angus cattle.
Achieving the high quality Black Herd offers does not happen by accident nor from one day to another. Health, nutrition and appropriate resources management are essential factors while breeding, re-breeding and fattening of cattle. It is crucial to prevent diseases as well as planning availability, quantity and quality of food to be supplied to the cattle all year long despite weather conditions. Handling feeding sources efficiently in terms of productivity and cattle quality from service, pregnancy, labor, breast feeding, weaning and re-breeding. Using suitable combinations of pastures in an intensive rotational grazing scheme to collaborate with carbon capture in combination with diets based on NON-GMO grain silage for the fattening and finishing stages of steers.
Cattle are grain-finished for 150 days to ensure appropriate marbling and tenderness in every bite of the beef we produce. To achieve our standard of quality, we feed steers with NON-GMO grains including a mix of complete
No Antibiotics - Never Ever
No Antibiotics can be administered whether through feed, water or by injection from birth to slaughter including low-level or therapeutic level doses, sulfonamides and ionophores.
No Growth Promotants - Never Ever
No Growth Promotants including natural hormones, synthetic hormones, estres suppressants, beta agonists, or other synthetic growth promotants are prohibited from birth to slaughter.
No Animal By-Products - Never Ever
No Mammalian and avian by-products are allowed in the feed, including animal waste and by-products derived from the slaughter/harvest process including meat and fat.
Our client’s success is our personal success, which is why our big family of Sales Representatives provide a personalized sales experience to each of our clients ensuring all of their needs are met at the time of placing an order.
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