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Welcome to Black Herd
Black Herd is a leading company in premium Black Angus beef sourcing. With decades of experience we managed to breed award-winning bulls after studying their whole lineage to produce high quality meat while contributing to lower carbon emissions during breeding, processing and distribution. From embryo picking to selecting state-of-the-art facilities to operate under the strictest requirements of food safety, we control every step of production from gestation to delivery and marketing.
Our steers are grain-finished for 150 days with grains that have no genetically modified organisms, delivering incredibly marbled beef that does not compromise on health standards.
Never-Ever Beef
We are proud to source cattle that grow free from antibiotics, hormones and animal by-products through their whole lifetime.
Our Latest Events
Acclaimed chefs and food connoisseurs will be performing demos in our kitchen for our clients to try our broad selection of products in a very relaxed yet professional environment.
Chef Night
Chef Night

Chefs Howard Silva and Alejandro Valdivia, both renowned for their expertise in creating delicious and visually stunning dishes, put on a culinary extravaganza in our kitchen. The theme of the evening was showcasing the best of Black Angus beef, and guests were treated to a range of mouthwatering dishes. The first dish we tried was […]

Chef Richard Fuentes
Chef Richard Fuentes

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